ALPI Lives Up to Its Name – Thanks to Its Impressive Award winner CEO – Mr Tamer Mitwally

ALPI Lives Up to Its Name – Thanks to Its Impressive Award winner CEO – Mr Tamer Mitwally

Since August 2013, when Mr Tamer Mitwally was employed as CEO at Australia Leading Property Investments (ALPI), he has built an Australian entrepreneurial organization to be able to offer investments in property development, real estate, and superannuation funds, via its 27 corporate offices in Australia’s major cities.

The company now employs 7,583 stakeholders and was able to boost its 2017/18 annual turnover in excess of AUD$ 5.18 billion, surpassing both the expectations and forecasts of the board of directors and shareholders.

Compared to the previous financial year, the organisation achieved substantial results:

  •  Annual revenue increased by 54.63%
  •  Profitability Incremented by 45.76%
  •  Productivity and performance boosted by 67%.

In addition, the footprint of the business has grown by 35% since 2013 with the founding of seven new corporate branch offices with selected stakeholders across major Australian cities including Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Newcastle, and Sydney.

These successes have had a significant effect on the whole team and are predominantly thanks to the efforts of Mr Tamer Mitwally (CEO), and his unique strategies and implementation methodology.

He has gained a competitive advantage for the company by innovative micromanagement strategies, overseeing the decision-making for all organizational operations. He has also implemented a detailed strategic review of the business and given clarity to and made changes within the organization to improve delivery, efficiency, performance, and profitability.

This culture of innovation and organizational change has been sustained to meet market demands and to achieve a competitive advantage, which in turn, has increased productivity and profitability.

Mr Mitwally’s actions have ensured due-diligence, and risk minimization strategies have been conducted thoroughly for every project before each one’s acquisition. As a result, ALPI has built up an outstanding track record for delivering residential and commercial projects in desirable locations on time, and budget.

This is underlined by Mr Tamer Mitwally winning, for the fourth time, the Business Strategist for the year award for 2018. Indeed, every year, he has beaten his previous statistical records and surpassed the expectations and forecasts of both the board of directors and the shareholders.

As he says: “We are always striving for continual improvement of our processes to achieve higher levels of performance.”