• 1-Chairman-David-Miller-1 The Team
    David Miller
David Miller | Chairman
  • 2-Director-Jack-Robinson-1 The Team
    Jack Robinson
Jack Robinson | Director
  • 3-Director-Oscar-Lee-1 The Team
    Oscar Lee
Oscar Lee|Director
  • 4-Director-Ryan-Anderson-1 The Team
    Ryan Anderson
Ryan Anderson|Director

Our Team

The foundation of ALPI success immensely involves its leadership team, exuding with an extraordinary range of skills and experience, whose individual members share a common set of values and investment approach. There has been notable stability in the core team over many years, while new team members have been regularly added to broaden and deepen our capacity.

We have a highly experienced and specialized team of managers, administrative and technical staff. In addition, with our state-of-the-artmanagement systems, we ensure that we can track a complex array of projects for multiple clients with accuracy and timeliness.

  • 5-CEO-Tamer-Mitwally-1 The Team
    Tamer Mitwally
    Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Tamer Mitwally|Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • 6-Chief-financial-officer-Jacob-Taylor-1 The Team
    Jacob Taylor
    Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Jacob Taylor|Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  • 7-Chief-legal-officer-Mary-Titchener-1 The Team
    Mary Titchener
    Chief Legal Officer (CLO)
Mary Titchener|Chief Legal Officer (CLO)
  • 8-Chief-operating-officer-Patrick-Wilson-1 The Team
    Patrick Wilson
    Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Patrick Wilson|Chief Operating Officer (COO)
  • 9-Chief-risk-officer-Samuel-Jones-1 The Team
    Samuel Jones
    Chief Risk Officer (CRO)
Samuel Jones|Chief Risk Officer (CRO)
  • 10-Chief-marketing-officer-Emma-Kenney-1 The Team
    Emma Kenney
    Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
Emma Kenney|Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
  • 11-Chief-technology-officer-James-Williams-1 The Team
    James Williams
    Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
James Williams|Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
  • 12-Chief-compliance-officer-Luke-Walker-1 The Team
    Luke Walker
    Chief Compliance Officer (CCO)
Luke Walker|Chief Compliance Officer (CCO)
  • 13-Chief-human-resources-officer-Sussan-Borgy-1 The Team
    Sussan Borgy
    Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO)
Sussan Borgy|Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO)
  • 14-Chief-audit-officer-Liam-Thomson-1 The Team
    Liam Thomson
    Chief Audit Officer (CAO)
Liam Thomson|Chief Audit Officer (CAO)
  • 15-Chief-administrative-officer-Kay-Haines-1 The Team
    Kay Haines
    Chief Administration Officer (CAO)
Kay Haines|Chief Administration Officer (CAO)
  • 16-Architect-Head-Manager-AHM-James-Rodriguez-1 The Team
    James Rodriguez
    Architect Head Manager (AHM)
James Rodriguez|Architect Head Manager (AHM)
  • 17-Quantity-Surveyor-Head-Manager-QSHM-Jason-Lewis-1 The Team
    Jason Lewis
    Quantity Surveyor Head Manager (QSHM)
Jason Lewis|Quantity Surveyor Head Manager (QSHM)
  • 18-Commercial-Construction-Head-Manager-CCHM-Donald-Hall-1 The Team
    Donald Hall
    Commercial Construction Head Manager (CCHM)
Donald Hall|Commercial Construction Head Manager (CCHM)
  • 19-Residential-Construction-Head-Manager-RCHM-Larry-Perez-1 The Team
    Larry Perez
    Residential Construction Head Manager (RCHM)
Larry Perez|Residential Construction Head Manager (RCHM)
  • 20-Land-Development-Head-Manager-LDHM-Angela-Clark-1 The Team
    Angela Clark
    Development Head Manager (LDHM)
Angela Clark|Development Head Manager (LDHM)
  • 21-Land-Sub-division-Head-Manager-LSHM-Timothy-Hernandez-1 The Team
    Timothy Hernandez
    Land Sub-division Head Manager (LSHM)
Timothy Hernandez|Land Sub-division Head Manager (LSHM)
  • 22-Sales-Head-Manager-SHM-Edward-Economos-1 The Team
    Edward Economos
    Sales Head Manager (SHM)
Edward Economos|Sales Head Manager (SHM)
  • 23-Contract-Head-Manager-CHM-George-Perez-1 The Team
    George Spargo
    Contract Head Manager (CHM)
George Spargo|Contract Head Manager (CHM)
  • 24-Occupational-Health-And-Safety-Manager-OHSHM-Steven-Martinez The Team
    Steven Martinez
    Occupational Health And Safety Manager (OHSHM)
Steven Martinez|Occupational Health And Safety Manager (OHSHM)
  • 25-Investments-Customer-Relation-Manager-ICRM-Eric-O’Farrell-1 The Team
    Eric O’Farrell
    Investments Customer Relation Manager (ICRM)
Eric O’Farrell|Investments Customer Relation Manager (ICRM)
  • 26-China-Customer-Relation-Manager-CCRM-Cheng-Chi-1 The Team
    Cheng Chi
    China Customer Relation Manager (CCRM)
Cheng Chi|China Customer Relation Manager (CCRM)
  • 27-Hong-Kong-Customer-Relation-Manager-HKCRM-Sarah-Wong-1 The Team
    Sarah Wong
    Hong Kong Customer Relation Manager (HKCRM)
Sarah Wong|Hong Kong Customer Relation Manager (HKCRM)
  • 28-India-Customer-Relation-Manager-ICRM-Raj-Ramanan-1 The Team
    Raj Ramanan
    India Customer Relation Manager (ICRM)
Raj Ramanan|India Customer Relation Manager (ICRM)
  • 29-Superannuation-Management-Fund-Manager-SMFM-Nathan-Wilson-1 The Team
    Nathan Wilson
    Superannuation Management Fund Manager (SMFM)
Nathan Wilson|Superannuation Management Fund Manager (SMFM)
  • 30-Superannuation-Team-Manager-STM-Aaron-Foley-1 The Team
    Aaron Foley
    Superannuation Team Manager (STM)
Aaron Foley|Superannuation Team Manager (STM)
  • 31-Superannuation-Customer-Relation-Manager-SCRM-Brian-Brennan-1 The Team
    Brian Brennan
    Superannuation Customer Relation Manager (SCRM)
Brian Brennan|Superannuation Customer Relation Manager (SCRM)

Career Opportunities

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